1. Ng Teng Fong


Age 79
Net Worth $6.7 billion

Married, 6 children

Through Far East Organization has developed more than 700 hotels, malls, condos in Singapore. Has extensive Hong Kong portfolio. Other interests include food and drink maker Yeo Hiap Seng, partnering with U.S foodmaker Hain Celestial Group to market organic foods in Asia. Older son Robert oversees Hong Kong interests; younger son, Philip. Manages Singapore interests.

2. Khoo family


Age NA
Net Worth
$5.7 billion


Late banker Khoo Teck Puat left fortune to 14 children. Family sold stake in Standard Chartered Bank 2006 for $4 billion. Real estate holdings include landmark hotel Goodwood Park. Recently gave $32 million to Peking University in China, $70 million for a hospital to be named after their father. Youngest son, Eric (in photo), is noted local filmmaker

3. Wee Cho Yaw & family


Age 78
Net Worth
$3.3 billion

Married, 5 children

Succession planning under way at Singapore’s largest bank, United Overseas Bank, founded by Wee’s father in 1935. Wee, who took control in 1974, stepped down as chief executive earlier this year, handing reins to son Wee Ee Cheong; remains chairman.

4. Zhong Sheng Jian


Age 48
Net Worth
$2.5 billion


Moved from China in 1988. Began building luxury residences back in his native China 5 years later. Yanlord Land Group now listed in Singapore. (See story: Transplanted Timing.

5. Kwek Leng Beng & family


Age 66
Net Worth
$1.1 billion

Married, 2 children

Heads Hong Leong Group, an international conglomerate started by father Kwek Hong Png and his three brothers in 1940s. Today interests include property company City Developments; Singapore’s biggest finance group, Hong Leong Finance; and London-listed Millennium & Copthorne Hotels. Cousins Kwek Leng Kee (No. 20), Kwek Leng Peck (No. 30) and Malaysian billionaire Quek Leng Chan have separate stakes in vast empire.

6. Kuok Khoon Hong


Age 58
Net Worth
$960 million

Married, 4 children

Got start working at his uncle Malaysian billionaire Robert Kuok’s trading firms. Left in 1991 to cofound Indonesian palm oil producer Wilmar with Martua Sitorus, now an Indonesian rich lister. Merged with Kuok’s palm oil business in June 2007 (kept Wilmar name); now building one of world’s largest biofuel refineries.

7. Peter Lim


Age 54
Net Worth
$830 million

Married, 2 children

Son of fishmonger became successful stockbroker for wealthy Indonesian clients; nicknamed King of the Remisiers (Singapore term for stockbroker). Stopped managing other people’s money in 1996 to become full-time investor. Held on to stock of winning palm oil producer Wilmar; his initial $10 million investment now worth $700 million. Also second-largest investor in distributor FJ Benjamin.

8. Lee Seng Wee


Age 76
Net Worth
$650 million


Former chairman of Singapore’s third-largest bank, Oversea-Chinese Banking Corp., still sits on board. Also director of family’s Lee Foundation. In May appointed chair of Temasek Trust, a civic initiative launched by the government. Fortune down due to new information on family split.

9. Denis Jen


Age 83
Net Worth
$600 million

Married, 2 children

Orphan fled native China after Communist takeover. Launched textile and trading businesses in Taiwan, Hong Kong before landing in Australia and building real estate empire. Today portfolio includes 5 shopping malls in Australia and pork producer, KR Castlemaine. Keeps low profile.

10. Chew Hua Seng


Age 53
Net Worth
$595 million

Married, 4 children

Former timber trader almost went bankrupt when a shipment was lost at sea and banks called in loans. Invested in Singapore government scheme to start private design school; turned initial stake into Raffles Education, which operates 26 private colleges from China to India to New Zealand.



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